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The Rink

Music & Lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb

Written by Terrance McNally

Director - Adam Lenson

Choreographer - Fabian Aloise 

Musical Director - Joe Bunker

Set Designer - Bec Chippendale

Costume Designer - Libby Todd

Lighting Designer - Matt Daw

Sound Designer - Mike Thacker for Orbital Sound

Wig Designer - Richard Mawbey for Wig Specialities Ltd

Orchestrator - Greg Arrowsmith

Casting Director - Jacob Sparrow

Additional Casting - Matthew Chandler


Caroline O'Connor, Gemma Sutton, Stewart Clarke,

Ross Dawes, Michael Lin, Elander Moore,

Ben Redfern & Jason Winter

Producers - Jack Maple & Brian Zeilinger

General Management - Ceri Lothian for DEM Productions

25th May - 23rd June 2018  - Southwark Playhouse


Fabian Aloise’s choreography manages to be full of lavish grandeur and remain tightly within the tiny playing space”

– The Stage ★★★★

"snappy and witty, with sparkling choreography, elegant staging and pitch-perfect performances"

Attitude ★★★★★

"whirling choreography from Fabian Aloise."

Daily Mail ★★★★

“Fabian Aloise’s choreography is magnificent as each scenes shifts seamlessly into the next through fluid and slick movement. However, it’s the musical number ‘The Rink’ that shall go down in history as jaw-droppingly innovative tap dancing in roller skates." 

– Sincerely Amy ★★★★★

“the ensemble showcases Fabian Aloise’s fantastic choreography, especially in a showstopping performance of The Rink (on roller skates of course) that will make you want to leap from your seat with joy.”

– Fairy Powered Productions ★★★★★

“Fabian Aloise has choregraphed this production and receives the biggest applause of the night after the skating number. All much deserved as this is a flawlessly put together production that has clearly been a labour of love from all”

– Pocketsize Theatre ★★★★★

“The skating number set the audience literally on fire and if this show is worth it, it is also because of Fabian Aloises's choreography”

– London Theatre Reviews  ★★★★★

“The skating number set the already-enthusiastic audience on fire, thanks to Fabian Aloises's spectacular choreography.”

– Londonist ★★★★★

“Fabian Aloise's choreography is again simplistic perfection. Tap dancing on roller skates- what more could you want?”

– Rewrite This Story ★★★★★


“Fabian Aloise has again created the most amazing choreography. Some of these routines are stunning, especially in the second act title number, where things that shouldn’t happen on roller skates, happen!”

– Theatre Weekly ★★★★★

“The close-knit cast make Fabian Aloise’s innovative choreography seem easy”

– The Spy In The Stalls ★★★★

“Fabian Aloise’s out of this world choreography in the title song blew my mind. Did you know it’s possible for people to tap dance on roller skates? I didn’t until now. And it works; it works SO well and actually stopped the show for a good couple of minutes due to rapturous applause"

– Hayley Sprout ★★★★★


“…the choreography from Fabian Aloise is breathtakingly audacious. What Aloise achieves in a tiny space, with six guys on skates has to be seen to believed, with the audience’s grins dissolving into whoops of delight.” Jonathan Baz ★★★★★

“– all praise to the choreographic team headed by Fabian Aloise and (with one of the best titles I’ve seen in a theatre programme) the Skate Captain Ross Dawes. The choreography across pieces is tight, snappy and clever, with fantastically slick transitions keeping the show spinning.”

- Upper Circle ★★★★

“Fabian Aloise must be all set to recreate Starlight Express by now. Getting this ensemble not only skating but almost tapping in roller skates is no mean feat”

– ★★★★★

L-R Gemma Sutton & Caroline O'Connor.jpg
L-R Elander Moore, Gemma Sutton, Carolin
L-R Jason Winter, Michael Lin & Ross Daw
L-R Stewart Clarke & Caroline O'Connor.j
Gemma Sutton.jpg
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