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Book, Music & Lyrics by Max Vernon

Director - Jonathan O'Boyle

Choreographer - Fabian Aloise 

Musical Director - Bob Broad

Set & Costume Designer - Lee Newby

Lighting Designer - Nic Farman

Sound Designer - Adam Fisher

Casting Director - Will Burton CDG

Cast includes;

Tyrone Huntley, Andy Mientus,

Declan Bennett, Derek Hagen, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Garry Lee, Carly Mercedes-Dyer,  Cedric Neal, Joseph Prouse &  John Partridge


Producers - Jack Maple & Brian Zeilinger for Take Two Theatricals, Ken Fakler and Creative House Productions

European premiere opens 18th July 2019 at Soho Theatre.

Tickets available here!

View Upstairs Soho A3.jpg
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